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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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Heroin worth Rs 3,500 crore seized from merchant vessel along Gujarat coast

The Indian Coast Guard had made its largest catch of drugs that is estimated to value a whopping Rs 3,500 crore in international markets. The Coast Guard seized 1,500 kg of heroin from a merchant vessel off Gujarat coast. The merchant vessel was intercepted by the Coast Guard Ship Samudra Pavak and after capturing it, the merchant vessel was brought to Porbandar on Sunday morning. Currently, a joint investigation operation is underway by teams from the Coast Guard, Intelligence Bureau, police, Customs, Navy and other agencies. The merchant vessel was seized based on prior intelligence inputs received by the Coast Guard. Along with the Coast Guard ship, an aircraft was also used to track down the merchant vessel in the high seas.

An official statement said, “The movements of all ships in the area including the suspect vessel were minutely observed throughout till its apprehension along with eight crew members by Indian Coast Guard ships on July 29.” The large haul of heroin shows the rising problem of drug abuse in the world and it also highlights the growing audacity of drug traffickers. Sources said that even though the recent catch by the Coast Guard is quite huge, it is only a fraction of the total drugs that are supplied through the sea route. While land and air routes can be monitored, tracking such shipments on the high seas is relatively much more difficult.

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