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Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Himalaya Pure Hands Sanitizer Review !!

I am a business woman who spend her time outdoors, most of my time is in my office, while other times in meetings. You can’t imagine where a client could choose the place of the meeting. Sometimes we make them in an office, restaurant, cafe, garden or even another country. Therefore, I feel as I am exposed to dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants all the time. Due to the absence of water in many places, I am obliged to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It must be so good to be able to reduce microbes and germs which can cause a variety of illnesses/infection.
As a result, I need something which keep my hands clean, and this problem is solved when I found Himalaya Herbals Pure Hands which provide instant protection all the time.

Himalaya Pure Hands kills 99% of germs that cause infections, and it is very effective, herbal, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer, it really ensures total hand hygiene.

Himalaya Pure Hands is so natural, since it contains extracts of herbs like Coriander that act as a natural bactericidal, and active ingredients of Neem which are antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral.

How I use Himalaya Pure Hands:
Put a squeeze of Himalaya Pure Hands on your palms, and rub your hands well until it dry.

No soap, and no water is required after use.

My opinion regarding this Product:
With Himalaya Pure Hands, I won’t worry anymore about keeping my hands fresh and clean all day long. It is like a gel and perfect for travelling since it greatly fits into my handbag. It is really effective with a pleasant scent.

I can’t believe how a small drop of this gel can make my hands feel tidy!


This sanitizer also has a good look and many shapes. It comes packaged in a transparent plastic bottles with a green flip cap.

It is absolutely 100% safe and has been clinically tested.

You can enjoy the original variant with its fresh, sweet and flowery smell or any of its four flavors:
green apple, litchi, strawberry, and orange.


PureHands is available online, in markets and clinics, and its price is only Rs 80 for 100ml. It kills germs and bacteria and offers you clean, moisturized hands for 24 hours.

I always carry a bottle of PureHands in my purse, car, office and everywhere.

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