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Holi Skincare tips by GLO

  • Do apply sunscreen on your face and body before stepping out.
  • It is always advised to wear sunglasses to avoid color to enter the eyes as it might cause cancer or temporary blindness.
  • Apply coconut oil or olive oil on your whole body and hair. Make sure you use a generous amount on the hair.
  • It is advisable to pre paint your nails with a dark color nail polish so that the color doesnt reach the nail bed easily.
  • Use only natural colors and not dye colors which might have metals, acids, mica, glass powder and other harmful chemicals and alkalies
  • Soak or stand under running water for at-least 10-15 mins to clean yourself
  • Moisturise your body well post shower and follow the same skin and hair care regime at least for a week post holi
  • Make sure you are gentle with your skin while taking shower and not scrub the skin too harshly.
  • Use a homemade pack of milk and honey with lemon or milk and besan with sandalwood paste before using the shower gel
  • For face, you can use a gentle oil based cleanser or honey with lemon and sandalwood.
  • For hair, one can even go for a relaxing head oil massage or a hair spa

Inputs by: Garima Bhandari & Sugandh Jolly Co-Founder, Glo


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