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HOM launches “big size, lowest prize” 55Inch Smart LED TV

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There’s good news for all big screen TV lovers, as HOM will be launching its 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV on May 16. The 55 Inch Android Smart TV comes with the advanced Miracast Technology, which enhances user experience across devices. And the best part is that the HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV is being made available at the “lowest price”. This is the first time that consumers will be able to enjoy the pleasures of watching 55 Inch big screen TV without having to worry about the price. HOM has made this possible and it’s yet another milestone for this leading electronics & appliances company. HOM is a sister brand of Poojara Telecom and Hariom Communication LLP.

Designed to enhance the TV experience

The HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV is not only the cheapest, but it also offers some amazing features that are sure to enhance your viewing experience. Irrespective of what you want to watch – movies, sports, play games, listen to music or access online content – be rest assured that HOM 55 Inch TV will transform your viewing experience. Some of the key features of HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV include:

  • 4k Ultra HD technology
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Access to Google play store, Netflix and YouTube
  • Miracast technology
  • USB to USB copy function
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Android operating system
  • 365 days replacement

Slim design: The HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV features a slim design that fits perfectly into your living space. It’s also lightweight, allowing for easy wall mounting. The bezel size is minimal, which shiftsthe focus from the frame to the screen, enabling an enhanced viewing experience.

Exceptional picture quality: With full HD 1080, you can experience the smallest details on the HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV. The TV comes with the most advanced picture processing hardware and software that significantly enhance picture quality and visuals.

Superior sound quality: The HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV comes with advanced surround sound that allows you to experience every note and every moment. With its superior sound quality, the HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV will bring you ever closer to the real thing.

Low power consumption: The HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV comes with Super Energy Saving Technology, which is designed to significantly reduce power consumption. Now you can enjoy big screen TV without worrying about high electricity bills. 

The HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K comes with various other advanced features that will enhance your TV experience. It has Wi-Fi, in-built apps, and HDMI ports that come very handy when you are watching TV, accessing the internet or playing games.If you want to experience the magic of big screen TV and the most advanced features at the lowest price, the HOM 55 Inch Smart LED 4K TV is just the thing you need.



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