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Home Décor Products that are trending this month

pillow tradional

  • Placing candles and lights is sure set to light up the atmosphere, adding decorative candles on the dinner table and entrance of your home truly is add charm to it. Placing candles in glass water bowls turns it into floating candles which looks extremely beautiful and adds tons of color and light and gives you a feeling of festivity.
  • Jewel carpets have been in this festive season. This Diwali celebrate with your loved ones by adding a beautiful jewel carpet on a wall. Its sure to be the centre of attention and the talk of the party.
  • Hand-woven fabrics such as silk cushions, carpets, curtains etc can revamp your home by adding an ethno touch to it. Adding a natural shade such as white, beige etc would do well with any interior. An explosion of color and charm this season.
  • String lights are also an elegant way to revamp your room. They create a magical atmosphere. You can drape the lights on an object such as furniture, hang them across a wall or place them in a transparent jar. It will immediately add a festive touch to it. Along with Aromatic candles and essential oils are sure to cast its spell and magic in your home. It heals and calms your mind and adds a sweet fragrance to your home this festive season.
  • Products made from paper mache are also making a comeback. Gorgeous paper mache boxes and vases made from paper and glue, hand painted on by artisans and craftsmen within that region. These products are light in weight, last long and also add a touch of beauty and charisma to ones lovely home as well. Beautifully crafted paper mache boxes make wonderful gifting ideas.
  • Crewel carpets are now being framed and hung up on walls. These carpets are hand knotted, crafted by artisans in that region and dyed with eco-friendly colors, framed and hung up on walls. They alter the interiors and enhance the décor of one’s lovely home by adding this surprising element which is sure to capture ones heart.
  • Traditional pieces or monuments of handicrafts can be added from statues, to paintings, to framed carpets, pottery, stone craft and a lot more the items can be placed alongside a centre table, or across an empty wall or even placed in a sculpted glass cupboard in the living room to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your lovely home.
  • Carpets are a great asset in one’s home- there are a variety of carpets from wool, cotton, silk that can be incorporated with another and dyed in the most beautiful hues of colors from light to dark along with gentle strokes or modern patterns with floral motifs is what truly makes it a keeper in one’s home. It adds a touch of luxury, warmth and sophistication.
  • A pashmina is timeless. Giving a gift to you or your loved one is sure set to be timeless too. A beautiful fabric with delicate designs and motifs crafted onto it is sure a keeper.

By :Saddam Zaroo, Managing Director Khazir Sons

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