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Home Remedies To Remove Black Heads

Most of the times it happens that even after taking much care for your skin you cannot get out from the problem of blackheads. Blackheads not only ruins your beauty but it also damage your skin. Blackheads generally occurs due to dirt, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, rest and lack of nutrients.


We should never remove the blackheads by pinching or pressing it as this sometimes leaves marks on the face. There are some home remedies which can be used to remove the black heads.

1. Honey: By boiling honey at a very low temp. Keep it on the affected area of blackheads for 10 – 15 min then remove it with hot water.

2. Baking Soda: By adding 3 spoon of soda and water together and apply it where you find the blackheads occurs then remove it with a warm water.

3. Lemon Juice: Apply lemon juice 3 times in a day on a affected area from the blackheads it also clear the skin.

4. Grapes: Properly squeeze & mash the grapes and make it paste apply it on the black heads let it dry for 15min then wash it with hot water.

5. Cleaning: Clean your skin ever night before going to bed. This can help you from black heads and pimples.

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