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Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Homosexuals are hatred in Chechnya, Russia

Russia: A victim, Anzor from Chechnya, revealed that he was tortured with electric shocks and beaten abductors. He stated to media press about this brutal incident happened to him.

Chechnya, the predominantly Muslim region in southern Russia, he left the region and now he is in Moscow.

He told that in Chechnya lots of men assumed of being gay were allegedly apprehended and contrived. Even three were killed by the group of abductors.

In Russia, broad opposition happens to homosexuality. Officials have rejected many gay rights activists’ appeals to hold meetings and rallies. Sometimes when these rallies are conducted, people face attacks by anti-gay brutes.

Another gay man who did not approve of revealing his identity told to press that he was detained in Chechnya and kept with lots of others. All were contrived each day and beaten with polypropylene tubes. All detained individuals were given electricity tremors five to six times in each day.

In April the news came via sovereign newspaper Novaya Gazeta which claimed that some 100 men assumed of being gay were tortured and some three were killed too.

After the news broke, western governments and privileges clusters have insisted Russian establishments to examine the news. But Chechen bureaucrats strongly denied the news and also mentioned that in Chechnya, there are no homosexuals.

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