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Monday , 20 May 2019
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Horrific Incident in China’s zoo – Live Donkey fed to tigers

In a shocking incident a group of angry zoo investors have fed a live donkey to tigers at a Chinese zoo after a dispute with management.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon at Yancheng city in Jiangsu province in front of stunned visitors.

The zoo authorities said the shareholders had tossed the donkey to the tigers “in a fit of rage”, and apologized to the public for the incident.

The incident is an outcome of a legal case between the zoo and another company. The shareholders were “filled with anger for a long time” as they were unable to receive returns on their investments, and were also upset about the animals’ deaths.

The court case led to freeze of the zoo’s asset which eventually led to the death of many animals due to lack of permits to transport them else where for medical treatments.

The investors where earlier planning to transport the animals out of the zoo to sell them else where.

The zoo has apologized for the incident and said it would ensure such incident would never happen in the future.

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