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How can online training help you gain the right skills?

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With over 60 lac students graduating every year, there are plenty of them looking for job opportunities, but they fail to secure one due to lack of skills. What if we told you that the void of attaining the desired skills can be filled conveniently and thus improving your chances of getting a job in your dream company? With the Government focusing to improve employability and bridge the skill gap through initiatives like Skill-India campaign, everyone is looking to learn new skills to grow as an individual and the right time to take part is “Now”!  

However, factors like time, money, convenience or any other hindrances make a lot of people give up this desire to build their skill base. But, thanks to the ever-expanding technological advancement in the education sector, online training has come as a rescue!

To help you understand the various perks online learning offers, we have drawn the differences between offline or classroom learning and online learning:


Offline trainings are location based and you have to travel for the entire duration of the training. In an offline training, you might miss a few classes which might putyou behind in class. Whereas, online learning won’t require any travelling and can be pursued from your home. This way, you will end up saving your valuable time and money that you might have spent on commuting.


Offline trainings are time bound and you can only attend those for a fixed timing and beyond it, the teachers might not be available. Online learning on the other hand, works on the principle of learning as per availability. You might have taken the class in the evening a day before, but you can take it in the afternoon the next without any time restriction, no questions asked. To be able to study and learn as per availability and pursue other things as well will help you grow exponentially.   

Expert advice:

While learning something new, we have a lot of doubts, which is normal but mostly our nerves get the better of us and we shy away from asking them and a void occurs between learning and implementing. And the students who are able to ask questions, can only do so during a fixed time frame. In online learning, the case is completely different. To begin with, for the students who shy from asking questions, well, you don’t have to, as you won’t be asking your doubts in-person so, no matter how petty you think they are, you can still ask them! For the students who like asking questions, well, it is a blessing in disguise because the expert advice is available on a daily basis and apart from that, you can get your normal queries regarding the program answered in a couple of hours!     


Offline centres have to have an accommodation and incur other miscellaneous charges, which effects the cost of the training whereas in online learning, you have to pay just for the cost of learning and thus making the effective price quite low.

Balance between theory and practical:

While studying, the best practice is to apply the lesson learned to practical aspects. Offline trainings require a commitment wherein you cannot pursue anything else and even if you do, it gets difficult to manage multiple things at once. online learning is convenient and gives you flexibility, you can study about the topic right from your school or college and delve into the practical aspects through the training. This would help you in getting an in-depth knowledge about the topic and work on live projects.

These advantages put online learning leaps ahead of offline learning. So, if you ever had any qualms about online learning, we hope this article helped you get a better understanding of how online learning provides an opportunity to learn while earning.

About the Author:Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder & CEO of Internshala, an internship and trainings platform

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