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How Conektr will help connect you to groceries during COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 is not the first coronavirus outbreak that has affected the Middle-East. The first one was MERS-CoV that nearly destroyed Saudi Arabia in the year 2012. And in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates was the first country reporting a coronavirus positive case after that of Wuhan, China. More than 13 countries have been affected in the Middle East, one of which is the UAE. And the situations are worsening every passing day.

The situation has thus lead to an unprecedented surge in online traffic, which is leading to more issues that imaginable. People are unable to have access to essentials and have interrupted services in tracking the details of their products and services. While everyone is panic buying combined with heavy online traffic, the stocking up of essentials and acquiring the necessary products have become an ordeal. This is not only affecting the end customers, but the brands, distributors and retailers are facing issues in maintaining connectivity. This is, therefore, leading to losses in business and thereby affecting the economy as well.

How is Conektr handling the situation?

Well, our platform is indulged in working towards improving the technological infrastructure. And we are also working towards strengthening our partnership with the courier logistics in order to meet with the increasing demands of our customers. Also, we are adopting proper sanitization methods of washing hands, timely and wearing a face mask. Also, we are practising all the social distancing norms to increase the efficiency of product delivery while taking care of our health and our customers in return.

The rise of the Digital Grocery Supply Chain:

Conekter is an integrally digitized platform for the supply chain that helps connect the brands with the retailers and end-customers efficaciously. It has managed to become the need of the hour, which saves ample time, effort, money, and resources of the suppliers and the distributors while practising the very necessary social-distancing norms. As a matter of fact, Conektr could prove to be advantageous for the suppliers as they can get a toll on the shelf-space cost, which will help manage their budget better.

It is also beneficial for the brands as Conektr will connect you with an extensive network of small retailers, who won’t be charging you to feature your product in their shops. Also, by channelling with the local retailers, the chances of your products being sold more, increases. Smaller retailers have a trust built among their network of customers and connect with the end-users in a better way as compared to that of the more prominent retailers and multi-chain stores.

Stay Conekted:

Conektr’s platform is a well-developed ideology that has been established to make the work of the suppliers, easier. They have a specific dedicated for the purpose, which will become the ‘eyes and ears’ of the suppliers by helping them to adapt to the changing market without even wasting a second. This app has been designed to provide relevant and helpful data to the suppliers as well to ensure communication between the retailers is seamless. The brand can gain enormously with the qualitative and quantitative data offered by Conektr app. This was to make sure that the brands receive proper information on customer insights and connect with them in a better way to boost sales. This also helps in the creation of a retail bridge, with several key features such as:

  • Merchandising solutions
  • Promoter solutions
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Route Optimisation.

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