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How Effective is Work From Home While Staying in A PG in Pune?

Pune where a huge number of people migrate every year for opportunities offered by renowned institutions and MNCs that dot the city. The youthful vibe, lovely weather, and great living options also add to the city’s charms. A few months ago, though, the global pandemic did bring things to a halt, confining people to their homes due to emergency lockdowns across the country. The result? A dramatic rise in need for productive work from home solutions, wherever you might be. Let’s see how adaptable the PGs in Pune have been to this situation:

Internet Services can be a Challenge

Many people staying in a shared or single sharing PG in Pune have this issue in common. Having a fast working internet is a dream for them. During regular days while the speed might have been good, with more people tapping into the same network, bandwidth is getting compromised. From stuck video calls to poor connectivity hampering work deadlines – internet services can be a casualty. In such scenarios, managed accommodation providers have stepped up to the job – with enterprise-grade internet services, separate lines, and central troubleshooting, the likes of Stanza Living are offering a great solution to everyday woes. So be it work deadlines or entertainment, all residents can enjoy good speed internet and have the most productive work/study and lifestyle experience.

Amenities Come to your Rescue

Living on your own in an independent flat meant that you had to depend on your household support ecosystem (cook, house help, driver, etc) for the smooth management of everyday chores. However, with the lockdown coming into effect and rising risk to everyone’s health, this support got taken away, forcing you to manage household and work tasks completely on your own. This is also the time when you can’t depend on third-party providers – food vendors, delivery persons, etc for risk of spread of infection.

At such times, with local hostels and PGs also suffering from interrupted service delivery, high quality branded and luxury PG accommodations have become a second home for residents. Firstly, with inhouse staff, they don’t have to depend on third-party providers to ensure a seamless service delivery – be it food or housekeeping. Next, some professional players also ensured that there was an adequate stocking of food ingredients in advance so meals don’t get compromised. When the entire household management continues smoothly, you don’t have to worry about making your own arrangements. As a result, productivity while working/studying from home continues to not get affected.

Privacy Can be a Concern

It can be hard to maintain your privacy when you are living in your PG in Pune, as all of the inhabitants are bound to stay home and can’t go outside for any recreation. If you happen to be in a local PG that is pretty much designed only as a place to crash for the night, this can hurt your daily lifestyle. However, branded accommodation providers ensure that their thoughtfully-designed residences are geared to cater to diverse consumer needs. From spacious rooms with your own separate furniture – beds, storage spaces, and cupboards and individual desks/workstations, you don’t have to compromise on the peace and quiet you might need to complete your academic/professional tasks. Further, with strict adherence to notions of social distancing, hygiene measures carried across properties and sanitization protocols ranging from building disinfection and cleaning to thermal monitoring, you know you are in a safe and secure space.

So, working from home is turning out to be a very productive exercise for residents of professionally managed accommodation as they have geared up to tighten processes for a safe and secure space while continuing to deliver seamless living experience.

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