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How healthy is your soda drink?

If you are health conscious you already know why soda is bad for your health. No matter what companies claim, it’s devoid of any nutritional value. It may also lead to obesity, diabetes and other health problems including heart diseases. However a recent study has found yet another reason to keep that unhealthy afternoon soda bottle at bay.

Worst Part:
The amount of ageing caused by soda is similar to what is usually associated with smoking. A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health claims that drinking one sugary soda during the day may speed up the aging process of your body. The soda drinkers had shorter telomeres, the protective ends of the DNA, as compared with other people. The actual reason behind the results is still unconfirmed, however it is being speculated that the sugar present in soda could be causing the extra ageing.

What one should do:
Instead of drinking that unhealthy soda bottle daily, go for a glass of fresh fruit juice. Not only will you get to drink a refreshing fluid to boost your mood and hydration, it will also offer you loads of nutrition. Avoid sugary fluids and add more fresh vegetables and fruit juices to your daily diet.

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