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How loosing weight can improve your sex life

Being overweight can lead to many problem, One of them is a low libido. Losing weight gives you an opportunity to revive your life. When you have excess weight, you surely won’t feel good about yourself. Doing exercise and losing weight helps you feel sexy enough to make love with your mate.


Maintaining weight can benefits to overall health. It can help you to enjoy your life to max. Regular exercise helps to cure your blood pressure thus leading to better sex life.

1. Erectile dysfunction: Being overweight sometimes leads to compromise your stamina. Low hormonal function and low testosterone production have been linked to low libido

2. Infertility: In women, obesity leads to abnormalities in their eggs that make them harder to fertilise. It also causes excess insulin production and PCOD (a condition where the periods are irregular and ovaries produce small, immature eggs instead of healthy mature ones). Obese women are also likely to suffer from failed pregnancies and miscarriages than regular weighing ones. Here is how to combat vaginal dryness naturally to have pleasurable sex.

In men, obesity is directly linked to infertility because of the way it affects sperm. Research has found that men who consume a fatty diet have lower quality of sperm. Men consuming more saturated fats had 35 percent lower total sperm count and 38 percent lower sperm concentration than men who ate healthier.

3. Fewer sex positions: The popular missionary position is out-of-bounds if the male partner is too heavy. And if both partners are obese, then the central abdominal area can prevent proper penetration. The rear entry style which is more popular among the obese can also cause problems because the woman usually has to spend a long amount of time on her knees. Spooning, a sex position where partners lie side by side is also hard for fat people. However, fat people shouldn’t fret and there are multitudes of positions that they can try with their partners.

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