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Monday , 27 May 2019
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How People of India can be Healthy?

When we talk about health, we only refer to the physical or bodily health. Often times, we ignore to take into account emotional and mental health, which are equally important. For India to become healthy, we as Indians need to look outside as well as look within. We also need to watch our plate, for we are what we eat.

When I say look outside, I mean that we need to step out of our homes and do some physical exercises. From gyms to outdoor sports, yoga to various dance forms, there are options galore for the health-enthusiasts. This is particularly applicable for today’s youngsters who spend all their waking hours in front of their laptops or tablets, addicted with the internet, too lazy to move their bodies. This sedentary lifestyle of the youth is responsible for various lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, stress and depression which later manifest in the form of various fatal diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests, etc.

The other aspect of health, for which I recommend people to look within, is more about acquiring emotional and mental health. Even when things are going fine, there is something or the other which keeps bothering us. These distresses affect our mental peace and joy and soon the outcome is illnesses and poor health. In order to prevent this to continue, we need to find time to do things which uplift our souls. Different people can do it through different means. Some like to meditate, others like to laugh heartily, some find incredible peace and joy in simple things like gardening, teaching children as well as cooking. Al of us should step back and reflect over what heals our souls and continue doing those activities. At the same time, we need to be mindful of things and people who poison our spirit and avoid them like the plague.

The final tip for a #HealthyIndia would be to eat healthy food. Today, we have become so addicted to junk food which is not only bad for our bodies but also our mental state. As much as possible, what goes inside our mouths should be fresh, home-cooked and power-packed with essential nutrients.

Author: Pranav Shukija

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