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How to apply nail paint perfectly

Applying nail paint is no child play. It requires a lot of concentration, precision, and practice. Whenever, we try to apply nail paint at home, we end up moving outside the nail border, make uneven coats, and at times chip it before it even dries up. We often go to parlours for our rescue and spend sufficiently.

But below is a guide on how to apply nail paint perfectly. Follow these to avoid the extra money that you spend on going to salons for the same:

Prepping up:
⦁ Trim and file your nails well
⦁ Buff your nails
⦁ Next, use the super fine grain surface to even out the ridges in your nails and finally use the ultra-smooth surface to give nails a glossy shine
⦁ Apply a cuticle oil that will moisturize and soften dry cuticles
⦁ Clean your nails, and then dry it to remove excess moisture
⦁ Choose a good quality nail polish

Applying nail paint:
⦁ Apply a base coat
⦁ Apply the first layer of nail paint and let it dry
⦁ Apply a second layer and let it dry
⦁ Apply a top coat, and touch up with glitters, etc (as desired)

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