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How To Build Backlinks In 2018 – A Complete Beginner Guide

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This is the main problem of most of the peoples in this online industry and almost 70%-80% peoples face this problem. They will not be able to make the proper backlinks for their websites and due to which they will also find some difficulty in the ranking process of their site on Google but you have to not worry about this because in today’s this article we will tell you about how you can make an effective link building strategy and how to use those links.

So don’t wasting the time Let’s Start The Process…

What Are Backlinks?

The backlinks were considered as one of the most important factors for an SEO ranking. But unfortunately, they are also on the pretty high on the list of an SEO metrics and that is what you don’t have very much control over it. On the other hand in simple words, a backlink is an external link that will directly direct the user’s attention away from the one site to the another. You will have to include some backlinks to your content but you have to take care of this important thing that you will want there to be a backlink which will be acting as an incoming redirection.

Backlinks will go from the hand in hand with the help of an organic traffic which is when someone will access your site through the search engine results page [ SERP ] and that’s because due to the search engine crawlers which crawls on the whole site and looks for a backlinks in a particular when building their search engine index. So, in this way, this platform will be better understand that is how your pages were connected. On the other hand, the backlinks will also tell you about the search engines by how your content will relate to the other sites and also with the pages which were on the internet. This thing will help you in placing your page on the search engine ranking page [ SERP ]  relevantly so that you can easily attract the right organic traffic to the right search queries search by the user.

In this way, the search engine will index and display your all pages which are turned directly related to the quality of the backlinks. The all backlinks were will help the search engine in indexing of your content according to an relevancy and also of course but on the other hand that alone will not exist which have much better on your rankings. That’s why this is so important to generate the backlinks and also forms the authoritative websites.

Here Are The Best 4 Ways Of Building Of Quality Backlinks :

  1. Guest Posting

Guest blogging is also one of the most successful and effective ways to reach your content to the more peoples. By publishing your content on the other popular sites and in this way you will be able to put your content in the front of the new readers and you can also win the more exposure. Sometimes, it is not just about for the backlinks, but on the other hand, sometimes it will also be about the increasing of your online reputation or maybe your social media followers. Guest blogging will help you in leveraging your relationship with the other peoples and also building of the new audiences. In case if you have any kind of doubts which is related to the guest posting then you have to consider that even Google will also accept the guest contributors on its Goggle Analytics blog.

  1. Broken Link Building Process

The broken link process will is amazing and also works in the perfect way because this is the perfect way to create a one-way backlink. This technique involves the contacting the webmaster to report the broken link on his/her website. At the same time if you want then you can also recommend other websites to replace that link and in the replacement of that link you can mention your website link there. Because you are doing the webmaster a favor by reporting that link as a broken link and this thing will change a backlink back to your website is high.If you want then you can also fix the broken links easily.

So, to use this broken-link amazing process you have to first find the relevant websites into your niche that have a resources pages. Find those pages and also search the queries in Google :

  • Your Keyword + Links
  • Your Keywords+ Resources
  • Keywords In URL + Link
  1. Building Of The Internal Links

Internal links were also considered as one of the key factors in the running of a successful blog. They were simply passing the link juice and you can also use your anchor texts if you want. With the help of a good internal linking structure, you can help the other users so that to easily navigate them through your websites and also increase the overall user experience on your website.

There are lots of tools present in this market which can automatically create an internal link to your blog and especially when you are running your blog on WordPress but you also do this process manually. Microsoft’s Matt Cutts has highly recommended that webmasters will keep their numbers of internal links per page which is also below the 100 for both the usability and as well for the SEO.

  1. Promotion of Your Content

The great content will not get you the backlinks unless you will not know that how to promote that. You have to get out in this world and also do the emails reach out in order to promote your best articles through them. The one of the biggest and the effective way is to contact some famous bloggers or the websites which were running weekly or the monthly roundups. Again, you have to take the use of the Google and the search queries like the ” Keyword + roundup ” and make sure that you will choose in order to see the results from the past weeks and the past month.

Then you have to contact the webmaster and also give them a quick intro to your website. With that message, you have to send a link to one of your best tutorials or the best guides. If they will find your resource useful then they will simply link back to you and in their next weekly roundups. These bloggers will constantly be looking for an great content so they will definitely want to hear from you.


Earning the quality backlinks will be sometimes become a challenging time for you but you can easily find the link-building opportunities and also use those resources at the right time and methods. At the last final, remember this thing that by keeping your backlinks as an important as building them. So, keep traction the backlinks which your websites are getting. If you still find any difficulty then you feel free to comments your difficulty in the comments box below!

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