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How to choose an earring that matches your hairstyle?

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The first thing that an onlooker notices is your face. And you want to always attract admiring gazes! But your overall looks are not only dictated by the face but through your hairstyle as well. So, an earring that looks good on a long haired lady does not carry the same appeal if your hair is short. Have we thrown you into a jewelry selection dilemma? Well, we would provide the solutions to get over this problem as well. Let us help you select the perfect earrings based on your hairstyle.

#1: Pixie Cut

Most women misjudge studs as the only choice to wear with their Pixie Cut. Yes, studs look good, but you can also experiment with those gorgeous danglers to look apart from the crowd. Such a hairstyle does not frame your face, so a dangler could overcome that shortcoming.

#2: Topknots or Up-do

Such a hairstyle assures that your face is on full display. Most dramatic fashion is possible for women with such a hairstyle, but make sure that the earrings you wear draws the onlookers’ attention towards your cheekbones. Taking that into consideration, long and single strand earrings would work perfectly.

#3: Buns

A sleek bun looks so elegant and sophisticated when coupled with the right earrings. Your earrings should ideally pay homage to your elegant looks. So, the subtle drop down earrings are the best choice for women with such a hairstyle.

#4: Long Flowing Hair

Ah that beautiful look of loose tresses caressing your shoulders and swishing against your back! Your face has already been framed. Danglers with cluster of stones are the best earrings to couple with your looks, in this instance.

#5: Braids and Ponytails

Braids blend beauty and grace perfectly. With those loose wisps of hair dangling down, your face just needs a frame to grab the eyes. The teardrops and Chandeliers add that missing quotient. If you are in an ethnic attire you may also try out the Jhumkas.

#6: Side Braids

This is the hottest hairstyle trend presently. And the best thing is: any type of earring looks beautiful with this hairstyle. Depending on the occasion you can choose to wear diamond hoops, danglers with bright stones or minimalist studs. With the open left, there are endless earring experimentations that you could try.

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