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How to clean soft toys in the laundry or the washing machine

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There are many times that we use our washing machines to wash the soft toys at home. It is always preferable to wash them this way because the soft toys come out almost dry and the entire process becomes hassle free. In fact, one should always be cautious of cleaning the soft toys after every few weeks/months (depending upon the exposure to dirt) as a lot of dirt and dust particles get trapped in the outer surface. These might lead to respiratory issues in the long term.

The below checklist will help you ensure that your baby’s cuddly toys are not ruined and are well cleaned in the process:

  1. Read the label first: Always check the washing instruction on the label on the toy. All soft toys are not suited for machine-washing hence this check is crucial. Stuff toys with foam beads are not at all suited for this. Other than this, toys with mohair, rayon plush, wool, alpaca fur, and too big size toys (bigger than the washing tub in the machine) should be completely restricted from being put in the washing machine
  1. Washing carefully: Always put the soft toys in a mesh bag and then wash it in the washing machine. This will ensure that it is not stretched apart or damaged in the cleaning process. Also ensure there are no torn parts, or opened stitches, as these will damage the toy completely during the wash.
  1. Drying: After the toys are washed and almost dried, you should leave it for further air drying, but make sure you dry it away from sunlight. In case you feel there is some excess water retained inside then press it gently with a clean towel in a dabbing motion. Never ever try to wring them and it might even tear the stitches
  1. Extra care tips: While rinsing the toys, you may put some disinfectant to make it absolutely clean and hygienic. Also, never use these things while washing them:
    a) Hot water

b) Harsh detergent

c) Harsh chemicals/cleaning agents like bleach, etc.

Following these instructions will help you keep you child’s favourite stuff toys clean and hygienic in the long run. Moreover, disinfecting it at every regular intervals will also keep any prospective respiratory issues at bay.



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