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Monday , 17 June 2019
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How to Find a Balance Between Outdoor Connection & Solitude?

There are plenty of studies that show the benefits of being lone. Alone doesn’t mean lonely or not having anyone as a helping hand. But it is just another name of a solitude. Solitude is the time that enhances your productivity if utilized in a right way. Meanwhile, I was planning my family halal holidays in Morocco, many other people around me were already opting for solo travelling. They were happy being alone in the outer world. Although they named it as a solo travel they were connecting to the world through nature, books and new companions. This is the place when you find a perfect balance between outdoor connection and a reflective solitude.

holidays in Morocco

You’ll come across many pieces of advice about socializing more and hang out with friends. But sometimes, all you need is your time, to refill your soul with different experiences. The outdoor connection is not meant to be the part of any meaningless gathering and the whole time is gone in trying to fit in.  

The Journey of Intuition and Inspiration

When you plan your journey on your own and decide to connect to the outer world, the world that is different from your norms or imagination, this is the real voyage to the inspiration. It is when acceptance is induced into the personality, when acceptance kicks in, it takes you to the heights of success and glory. Well, the way to take up the challenges of life, there are little tips that you should make the part of your daily routine.

Embracing the solitude is not about chiding the society. It is only to take some time for self-analysis and build up the personality. I don’t know why being alone is questionable or considered as rude. It is the journey to dwell your own self, to give yourself a break from society’s norms and develop your own trends to question the wrong. Listen to your voice of intuition, follow that voice and let your mind figure out

Why balancing is important?

The balance between work and family is also essential. All the people with white collar jobs know that but how many of them really implement the idea of balance? Hardly, one out of ten. Basically, we are not ready to stand the idea of rejection, we are incapable of coming out of our own realities. These are the realities that we have created around us and don’t want to unlearn anything about them. Every other leader is telling you to skip your comfort zone? Do you really know that what is exactly a comfort zone? Comfort zone is when you refuse to come out of your thoughts, you don’t accept another opinion openly. We hang out with the devil and then complain about life being a hell.

It looks like a hell because you’ve lost the balance of happy and successful life, it seems unfair because you’re not controlling your mind. Once you have mastered controlling your thoughts and don’t allow them drive you crazy, that is the day you win.

Balance is important because extreme of anything is dangerous. So, we need to balance our lives by reflecting on the benefits of solitude and also getting involved in the social connection.

These are all the questions and ideas I have been asking from me since I left my job and started pursuing my dream of exploring the world. Hurdles between my journey were, being a woman, parents who need my time and attention and obviously nothing is possible without money. So, I learned it by travelling. There are times in your journey when you will test all your capabilities to an extreme level. I learned from my booking process of halal holidays to Morocco and also when I had to travel all alone to Chicago. It was all an experience and offered me to learn maximum possible lessons.

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