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How to get a Festive makeover which is quirky and new!

India is the land festivities and it is that time of the year when each one of us is ready to indulge in the festive fervor. With festivities, comes the need to invest and rehash the interior of your house. It is vital to know trick to make your house look fresh and trendy within the least time possible and without digging a hole in your pocket.
Here are some best ways to spruce your home in this festive season, specially curated by JD Institute of Fashion Technology
Main entrance-getting installed pre-fabricated panels with outstanding and prominent architectural feature would be mind-boggling idea to elevate festive look of your home in the right earnest, use of hanging embellishments from obtruded structure from wall would be a great idea, 3d dimmed lighting installations on big scale which complements the architecture of the building would be another twist in the decor of the entrance, a decorated wooden fence with white Duco on it would add an elegance to the entrance area, decorative arched or radial metal frames and artificial climber to name a few.

Courtesy- Decoholic
Care:- One can use all the elements of design in such a way that it is minimally damage, by creating shadows so that sun-radiation damage is reduced. If the entrance is located in windy direction then dust removing brush or liquid to be used depending on the surface materials.
Trends:- ready-made panels are in trend these days.
Cost:- the cost may vary from 500 to 2500 per panel.
Creating many focal point-in indoor space generally we find one or two focal points but with the festival round the corner one can choose to increase them by adding- layered colorful panels, colorful checkered rugs or carpet, putting real branch of a tree on wall clock as a replacement to its needles – a customized solution, bright colored stoneware strewn here and there randomly to grab the attention and also to keep people glued to it for few seconds to minutes, would be a great idea, one dissimilar geometry amongst one set of geometry- like a triangle in the cluster of squares, outdoor plants brought indoor with the help of natural light channelized to it by latest system of lights which are very much available now, a dummy column with bright color onto it or internally illuminated when the outer structure of the column is translucent would the most attractive option if you are decorating your space for festivity.
Care:- Preferably using plain surfaced materials would reduce the risk of dust collection, vertical structure would also reduce the risk of dust collection.
Trends:- geometrical patterns in different materials for surface decoration.

Courtesy- Deniz Home

Natural Material -One can keep areca palm and bonsai plants on the center table or in the unkempt corner of the house or one can get made acrylic case box filled with flower petals kept over center table. Colored dry grains can be spread under the transparent (glass/acrylic) top of furniture in a temporary tray of the appropriate size.
Courtesy- Walmart
Furniture- Although going for new furniture wouldn’t be a wise idea but instead one can use wrapping around flexible metal guilding or side fixing which will make your furniture festival ready in few minutes without much efforts. Second option is to apply a rough looking plastic film over the surface of your furniture without rigging the color or the polish.
Courtesy- French Art Deco- anonymous

Wall dressing up elements- Add the festive effect by adding a dash of quirkiness and vibrancy to your plain walls by paint or by fixing large jail-work of bamboo sticks. Wallpapers are cheaper option and if it is having impression of implied 3d of bamboo sticks then it would add natural feel and its color would give very lively look to the space. Style your walls with machine wall hangings, fairy lights, interesting wall murals and paintings spread across the wall where one portion is not complete without others. Mirrors can play a big role in beautifying the walls in darker areas of the house.

Vibrant design article- Interesting elements, tie and bind fabrics, canopy on the bed or over lounging area, festive photos hanging on the thread tied to a metal frame with the help of clips, stretched fabrics on metal frame.
Small antique showpieces in brown or white metal, sculpture with integrated lighting will make your home look very decorative. Introducing shelves with small planters in the kitchen will do a lot to make kitchen look stunning.

Courtesy- Jiji Blog

Care:- removal of fabrics and cleaning of it on regular interval maintain its sheen for long time.
Trends:- two or more contrasting fabric in redial spread is in trend.
Cost:- 200 to 500 meter (depending on fabric)
About JD Institute of Fashion Technology:
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Education division of JD Image Promotions Ltd., was established in the year 1988, to create designers of tomorrow and to produce professionals who would make most of the opportunities in the world of design. Over the years, the design industry has looked towards JD Institute of Fashion Technology for quality man-power across fashion, interior and jewellery. The institute is today the alma-mater of over 30,000 design professionals either employed by select organization world – wide or entrepreneurs and established names in the industry.

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