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Saturday , 24 August 2019
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How to keep lungs healthy

Keeping your body healthy in a natural way is the easiest way to ensure that you remain healthy for longer without any side effects. Hence, you should adopt some healthy habits that will ensure that you do not get any serious health issues in future.

Though focusing on every body part is important, lungs are a major area of concern that is directly related to various health aspects.

Below are some ways in which one can ensure healthy lungs:

  1. Quit smoking: Smoking is the reason behind diseases. It should be avoided at all cost.
  2. Not ignoring prolonged cough: Prolonged cough is a symptom of various health disorders (such as TB, COPD, asthma, sinusitis, etc) and hence should be treated at the earliest.
  3. Vaccinations: The Centers for Disease Control recommends the following vaccinations
    – For all people age 6 months and older: Flu shot
    – For people 65 and older: One of the versions of the flu vaccine specially formulated for this age group, which is at highest risk for dangerous flu complications
    – For people 65 and older: Two pneumonia (pneumococcal) vaccines, given at least one year apart

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