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Friday , 24 May 2019
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How to keep your child busy in summer vacations

Summer means lots of leisure time in the form of lots of holiday package for school going children. Vacation makes kids available to toys, games, TV, video games etc. Summer vacations also brings with it a package of undisciplined time table, untimely get up and unorganized life style.

I am enlisting some ways to keep your kid engaged in summer holidays with creativity.

Summer camps: Enroll your child in summer camps for keeping him engaged in some creative hobby passions of his own choice. It can be painting classes, music and dance classes or any language classes. Contact your nearby schools and other organizations who do these type of activities.

Family trip: Make some trip with your family to some pleasant places. You can even organize educational trip for your children like visit to historical and archaeological places, hill stations and adventurous trips.

Time table: Make a creative time table for your kid to enjoy his holidays at home, if it’s too hot at outside. You can involve yourself in playing with him in some indoor games like carom board, chess etc.

Teaching household chores: Involve your children in household chores. In this way, you can teach them basic things as well they will inculcate the habit of helping you in your daily activities. It can include folding of clothes and keeping them at the proper place, cleaning of vessels and dusting.

Hobby class: Join him/her to some hobby class like calligraphy, painting classes, baking or karate.

These are some tips to make your child more creative and sharp in the summer holidays. Let’s use this time to make our children more intelligent than ever. Children are bundles of energy, lets channelize their energy into positive and creative channels.


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