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How to make your own perfume #DIY

For those who loves to experiment and is a DIY lover, this post is absolutely and completely for them. Today we will take you through a simple method of making perfume by yourself with flowers.


1. Take a clean air tight glass container

2. Take an odourless oil. Popular choices for use in perfumes include jojoba oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil

3. Collect your favourite flowers/leaves whose fragrance you like. Be sure to collect plant materials when the scent is strong and the leaves are dry. If you’re using flowers, use only the petals. If you’re using leaves or herbs, remove any twigs or other bits that might interfere with the scent

4. Bruise the plant materials lightly. This step is optional, but may help to bring out the scent more

5. Pour some oil into the glass container. It need only be a small amount — just enough to properly coat and cover your petals/leaves/herbs

6. Add the plant materials to the oil and shut the lid. Ensure that the lid is closed tightly. Let the jar sit in a cool and dark place for two weeks

7. Open, strain and repeat. If the oil doesn’t smell as strong as you’d like it to after one to two weeks, you can strain out the old plant materials and add new ones to the scented oil, then store it once more

8. Once you’re happy with the oil, you can add 1 or 2 drops of a natural preservative such as vitamin E or grapefruit seed extract to your scented oil to help extend its life

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