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How to Manage Your Time…

These days, it seems too difficult to manage your time and keep up with all these tasks including your home, kids, job, friends and many others. However, there are some tips that may be useful to help you a little bit.

If you have a lot to accomplish, but you get easily distracted, then these tips will help you a lot:

1- Make a list

Make a list of all the tasks which you are supposed to accomplish in a week before making your daily schedule. Arrange the tasks from the mundane to the critical, by Assigning realistic priorities to each task:
For example:

Priority 1: due today by 8pm
Priority 2: due tomorrow by 8pm
Priority 3: due by the end of this week
Priority 4: due during following week

2- Balance your effort.

Work which will be due by the end of the week can be divided to daily portions. Every day you can do part of it, and at the end you will get it all done.
Be aware to concentrate on what is at your hand and never allow yourself to be distracted or lose focus.

When today’s tasks are completed, put a simple mark next to them, and if you have enough time, you can proceed to tomorrow’s tasks.

Small portions of each task may be for some better than one huge laborious task and would reduce stress and eliminate burn-out, but if you are one of those who prefer to end the task then move to another to not lose focus, then it is okay.
Make sure to end each task before a day of the deadline to be aware of any surprises.

3- Focus on your most productive time of day.

The best time for woking differ from one to another, some people work better in the morning while others focus more in the evening. So get advantage of your most productive time of day.

4- Manage time in increments.

Challenge yourself like trying to make a one hour task in 45 min. This would be as a competition against the clock.
The remaining 15 minutes would be for you to rest or begin a new task, it is up to you.
Giving yourself a time goal to complete apart of your task or all of it will encourages you to work more and faster.

5- Don’t lose your relationships.

Manage some time for those who you love and care for like family and friends. Spending time with those who love and support you will encourage you.
6- Keep track of your progress.
Make some marks next to the things on the list which you already completed, and add some notes when necessary
A sense of  relief and relaxation will fill your heart and mind just by getting through the daily tasks. Finishing tasks will motivate and encourage you.

7- Reassess the list.

Everyday rewrite and prioritize your list, add new tasks, eliminate or adjust the completed tasks or those which fall in priority.

You can use technology especially mobile applications to complete your tasks more quickly, efficiently or accurately.

8- Take a break.

It would not be good to work without a break each two hours. This break will help you to clear your mind, refresh yourself to refocus and move your body.
Decide when making the schedule a 5, 10 or 15 minute break and make sure to stick to that decision all the time.

9- Sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

You must get the proper amount of sleep everyday to keep your energy, be able to think clearly, and function at a high level.
Remember that your body and brain need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

10- Leave time for fun.

 If the week has seven day, this doesn’t mean that those seven days are for work.

You must take a holiday to refresh.

Making a written schedule for all your tasks and following all its details will be great for managing your time and your life.

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