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Sunday , 16 June 2019
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How to pick the perfect hairstyle for your wedding

It’s a bit of cliché; but a bad hair day can undo the outcome of even the most attractive ensemble. So, brides take out time with your hairstylist as choosing a hairstyle is surely more essential than choosing a wedding dress. Mr. Samay Dutta, Director, NOIR, The Luxury Blow Bar shares few tips for finding the ideal wedding hairstyle for the biggest day of your life.

According to your face-cut

  • If you have a long face, try putting up your hair long and down with a right balance and volume. This will give you a less long look and highlight your best features.
  • Whereas, round faces look fabulous in high up dos. Avoid middle parting with any hairstyle you are planning to go ahead for the D-day.
  • With oval faces, you can try any kind of a hairstyle and can pull off any amount of the volume.
  • If you have a square face, try and pull your hair away from your face to smooth out your features and stand out as a perfect bride.


According to your attire

  • Keep in mind that your hair has to compliment your outfit all together. If you are wearing a dress that has a lot of detailing from the upper area, try giving your hair a minor lift in the form of an up do with soft curls.
  • If you are flaunting a graceful and simple outfit, try opting for elegantly open hair or either keep your hair open with soft curls.
  • The other details of the dress such as open back, razor back, straps also plays a vital part when deciding the wedding hairstyle.

According to Venue and Location

  • Try deciding your hairstyle according to your venue. Usually women tend to make mistakes, when it comes to fixing up the hairstyle as per the ambiance and environment of the place.
  • If it’s an outdoor or a beach wedding, opt for pinned hairstyles such as beach waves or soft tresses in low buns with traditional flowers.
  • If you are having an indoor wedding, opt for coiled buns, braids and romantic curls.

According to Hair length

  • The length is the last thing that comes to bride’s mind, but an intense haircut will bound your hairstyle options.
  • If you have exceptionally short hair, it would be tricky to adapt to the familiar hairdos such as buns or braids.
  • It is advisable to avoid chopping off your hair and keep shoulder length hair to carry that perfect look for the D-day.

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