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How to stay healthy during the season change

Many health issues, such as fever, cold/cough, asthma, etc. become intense around the season change. Presently we are gain undergoing a season change from winters to mild summers. And to maintain one’s good health, one needs to take precautions and be cautious.

Below are some tips that will help you stay fit during the season change:

1. Probiotics: Taking probiotics on a daily basis may help you maintain your health. This is because probiotics protect your body from bacterial infections. Yogurt is one of the sources of probiotics you can use.

2. Exercise: Get plenty of exercise, but ease up on any extreme sports and overexertion.  Once the season has completely transitioned, you can increase exertion levels again.

3. Drink fresh ginger and lemon tea (add local honey to taste) to support your digestion, reduce your body’s reactions to allergens and help prevent colds.



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