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Sunday , 21 July 2019
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How to stay healthy while travelling

Travelling is indeed a lot of fun, but you would also agree that during trips and holidays, we tend to move away from our routine life, and do certain things that are not ‘healthy’ for us. So it becomes very important for us to keep a check on our activities that we talk up. Below tips will help you stay healthy while travelling:

1. Pack your own snacks/food while traveling. Pack healthy stuff to eat, to avoid the unnecessary junk on the way

2. Get moving, and try to walk down for short distances. Alternatively, hit the gym at the hotel for atlas 20 mins everyday

3. Choose to eat heathy. Do not stop yourself from eating the local cuisine, but for at least two meals try to keep the fat intake low. Fruit in the breakfast, and salad for lunch/dinner

4. Clean your hands often. These are the best and most important way to keep oneself healthy and hygienic during travelling

5. Be careful with street food. Even though street food is often a lot cheaper than food in restaurants and hotels, be careful and see the hygiene are the surroundings


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