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Friday , 23 August 2019
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how to take care of a baby

Who does not love to have babies but having a baby is not only the thing. Having a baby can be very much exciting and sometime scary part too in one’s life. It is the primary focus and responsibility of the parents to look after their new born baby’s health and skin. It is understandable when parents worry for their baby’s well being.

If skin of your baby appears dry or starts peeling off within following week of birth you must know what causes peeling so that you can ease your worries. You will notice lot of changes within the first week of birth such as change in hair color or change in complexion within few days newborn’s skin may begin flaking or peeling which is normal in infants, peeling of skin can occur on any body part like may be on hands, feet or ankles.

Babies are born covered with various fluids which includes amniotic fluid, vernix and blood. There is a thick coating on babies skin to protect the skin from amniotic fluid and that coating is termed as Vernix. Nurse wipes the fluid off from the babies skin shortly after birth. The baby will begin to shed the outer layer of the skin once the vernix is gone. Peeling of skin in new-born’s may vary it wholly depends on whether the baby was delivered on time, it was premature or overdue.

You can take care of your baby’s skin and health by using Mama earth product. There are various products which you can use for your new-born and it is suitable for them in every way without causing any type of rashes or making harm to your baby.


to keep you babies skin moisturised you should use mama earth daily moisturising lotion which is easily absorbed on babies skin. Mama earth moisturiser is made with all the natural ingredients like jojoba and shea butterwhich are really good for delicate skin.this is really good for the skin of new-borns as they have sensitive skin. You can use this product on regular basis to protect your babies skin from getting dry.

mamaearth baby wipes newspatrollingDEEPLY NOURISHING BABY WASH

Every mother needs to care for her baby and you must choose mama earth deeply nourishing baby wash for your new-born. It is so perfect to make your baby bath with mama earth baby wash and it won’t dry or harm your baby’s sensitive skin you can use it thoroughly for bathing your is made with all natural ingredients which is very much safe for little one’s  and it also smells pretty good. Infact this product is so good you can use it for your kids too.


This is the best cleansing shampoo for washing hairs of a baby or a kid and you can notice the smoothness in hairs after getting dry. Like every product of mama earthgentle cleansing shampoo for babies is also made with all natural ingredients without any type of chemicals added in it.


For new-borns it is very important to take proper care of them and every mother puts her best effort to keep her baby stay healthy and giving regular massage to a baby is the best way for a mother to look after baby’s health you can use Mama earth soothing massage oils which is made for babies and it includes natural ingredients like jojoba, sesame and almond oil which are considered as very good for bones and skin and it is very rich in nutritional values. You won’t stop thanking mama earth products which helped you to take proper care of your baby’s mama earth product are as per the name of the brand simply pure and natural this is the best product you can choose for your new-borns which is suitable for their skins and up to your expectations.

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