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How to talk to your kid about the period?


Discussing the changes occurring in your child’s body during puberty can be really a tricky topic. However, it is very important for both the boys and girls to know about periods and there is no one better than their parents discussing such crucial subject with them. It is very necessary to let your kids know about the changes taking place in their body from a reliable source, which will further guide them in making healthy decisions about their health.

There is exactly no perfect time, to begin with the discussions about periods with your children. Nevertheless, it is advisable for you to begin providing them adequate information from a tender age.

Listed below are some of the steps to discuss with your child about the period:

  1. Begin by having a small but informational conversation: No need to treat menstruation as a taboo or hiding away the tampons and pads as if they are something awful. Inform your child about how bleeding will lead a girl to grow into a woman who can later give birth to a new individual. It is also important to guide your girl child about the usage of tampons or pads to keep them clean and healthy during periods.
  2. Keep it positive and subtle: It is very important for the parent to keep the conversation utterly positive. You need to build a positive image of menstruation in your kid’s eyes. If you constantly keep referring to period as a curse or something very hideous, you might scare your child off even before he or she has gained proper knowledge about bleeding.
  3. Prepare yourself for all the queries that are about to pop-up: When you have shared about all the important stuff about menstruation, you should be prepared to answer the questions that might be bubbling in your child’s mind. If you aren’t sure about some of the answers, there is no need to get all worked up; rather look out for those solutions along with your kids. This will help you in building up a better comfort zone to have further discussions about the same.

It is very necessary for both the genders to know about the importance of periods and the outcome of bleeding. Without hesitating about the period discussions, both the parents need to handle their children and provide them with fruitful information regarding the menstrual cycle.

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