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How to Treat High Cholesterol with Ayurveda

An excess of cholesterol in the body can clog the arteries and also lead to various heart diseases. Cholesterol is available in two forms – high-density cholesterol and low-density cholesterol. It is important to keep our cholesterol in check so that heart diseases can be reduced.

Ayurvedic Medicines:-

In Ayurveda, various herbs are used to treat and control high cholesterol.

Alfalfa is one of most used Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol. It primarily helps in the cleaning of arteries that have been clogged with cholesterol deposits.

Commiphora Mukul which is popularly known as Guggulu is known to reduce the level of cholesterol in one’s system. It has guggulsterone which decongests clogged arteries and also prevents further rise of cholesterol levels.

In order to effectively dissolve the cholesterol deposits in the body, tulsi or holy basil is also used for consumption.

Arjuna has been used by Ayurvedic professional for ages now in order to heart related ailments. It is also used in order to clean, blocked arteries which further prevents the risk of any cholesterol.

Other medicines that are prescribed in case of high cholesterol are hridayarnava rasa, prabhakara vati and mrigamdavasa. These medications are prescribed to keep the rising cholesterol levels in check. Mrigamdavasa is given to those patients who have very high levels of LDL.

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