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How to wear jewelry that matches your skin tone?

jewellery matches skin tone

Jewelry is the first thing people notice among your outfits. While buying a jewelry you judge its design and style, but there is one more important factor that needs to be considered. As jewelry sits closest to your skin, so it is worthwhile choosing jewelry that matches with your skin tone. You might have noticed that a necklace looks gorgeous on your friend, but does not look quite the same upon you. It is solely because of the skin tone. So, knowing your skin tone is important while purchasing or wearing a piece of jewelry. Here is some information that would help.  

What is your skin tone?

While judging the skin tone you have to keep in mind that skin tone comprises of two important things. First is the skin color (or the overtone), or the color of the skin you were born with. The skin color can change due to environmental factors (such as it can be tanned or burnt). Second is skin tone (or the undertone), which never changes and has its roots in your biological makeup, ethnicity, etc. Now, let us help you decide on your skin tone:

  • Warm: Take a closer look at your wrists and if your veins look green then you have warm skin tone.
  • Cool: Again the people with cool skin tone would find their veins appearing purple or blue.
  • Neutral: If your veins appear green and blue both, then your skin tone falls under this category.

Best Jewelry for your skin tone

Now that you have found a match for your skin tone it is time to help you decide on the best suiting jewelry.

  • Warm: Those with warm skin tones will look astonishing in golden, copper or brass metal jewelry. Yellow and other earthy tones of jewelry (such as orange, red, brown and turquoise) are a perfect match for your skin tone.
  • Cool: People with the cool skin tone look at their best in light colored metals such as platinum, silver or white gold. Other jewelry coming in bright and lively shades, such as blue and purple would also look good.
  • Neutral: This is the most versatile of all skin tones. You can wear the best of both worlds – the yellow as well as white metals. You can flaunt yourself with any of the above mentioned jewelry or gemstone colors.

Hope we have helped you choose the perfect jewelry. For the best collection of artificial jewelry visit Glitterati by Alankriti.


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