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How user generated content is becoming a major market for media consumption

user generated content

With the evolution in media, there has been a remarkable shift in the kind of content being consumed. This has led to multiple changes, ranging from content generation to its implications on the various industries. For instance, this has helped brands in making the marketing more personalised and consumer inclusive. Today, media is no more restricted to just creating content for the audience. Rather, the users are being given the opportunities to participate and generate content.

With the recent growth of live video streaming platforms, there is a very different dynamic that has been witnessed in the media and marketing industry. Internet trends report, user generated content is snowballing across all the media platforms hence, the importance of user generated content cannot go un-noticed where users are adopting other app-based platforms which have been unchartered territory for many Indians till date. The adoption of live streaming platform like Facebook live , YouTube, Pariscope, Vimeo-Livestream, Bigo Live is a very prominent example of the user generated content in India, where individuals, brands etc are executing campaigns, showcasing their talents like singing, dancing, storytelling, acting, culinary skills etc that too in front of a live audience.

Here’s why it is Gaining Prominence 

Addinga Tinge of Uniqueness and Personalisation

The unique nature of the content derived from the day to day life activities, challenges, events etc shared by the users/audienceadds uniqueness and a personalised touch to make the content moreappealing. User generated content has become the connecting point withthe masses where no brand is trying to teach or preach but an individual is providing content which is relatable and useful without any ulterior motive. This has paved way for all sorts of entertainers,reviewers, stand-up comedians, motivational speakers, spiritual guides, nutritionists, food vloggers, globe trotters etc, who are different from the previous generations of the same.

Offers Diversity in the Content

The diversity that the user generated content provides is impeccable. Today, the content is no more restrictive to texts or videos alone. With the mushrooming of various live video streaming platforms like YouTube , Pariscope, Vimeo-Livestream,Facebook Live, Instagram live, Bigo Live etc. we are seeing the content that has fun, humour, and a message added which serves a purpose in a better manner. 

Have multiplicity of advantages attached

In the coming years, the user generated content is going to play pivotal role in the media industry because of its various features. Some of them are:

  • Real lifestories, real time content creation and real time engagement add more value to the content being shared.
  • Brings in the authenticity to the content which is created by users without polishing it too much acts as the most important tool and bring the testimony angle when it comes to engaging with the audience.

Earn while you learn

Platforms have been promoting user generated content also by allowing them to monetise the content which has become a money-making formula for people to try their hands at these platforms to earn extra income and gain some name & fame. Be it YouTube, Pariscope, BIGO LIVE or such platforms, the creativity has been offered a chance to flourish even at the ground level. And people are really getting paid handsomely for following their passion and chasing their dreams to get rich and famous.


The user generated content will always be a very engaging aspect of the content universe, as it allows the content to become more relatable, informative, and advisable without making it sound preachy. The live video streaming channels are going to add more worth to the entire process. Even though the live video streaming platforms have been around for a few years, thanks to the new wave of live streaming tools powered with the improved technology, one has the power of going live anytime, anywhere, making the user generated content extremely poignant.

BY: Puneet Sharma Brand Strategist and Communications consultant to leading corporate companies

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