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How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Automobile Industry for the Better

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Virtual Reality in the Automobile Industry 

The automotive market is adopting the real game changer that is virtual reality. VR is giving a meaning to showcase models conveniently in a way the customer wants like in shopping centres, boutique shop, in customer living room, or at work.

There is an infinite number of configurations option with no constraints and the entire model line-up is shown. VR is becoming more mainstream and developers are trying to move into your car. The market is going to be conquered by new VR apps.

Why is Automobile industry rolling on VR so rapidly? 

VR has given a meaning to make the process shorter to the vehicle development process in many ways. It gives an opportunity to make the development process at a very fast and accurately represented manner. It offers an ability to create a life-like representation in many ways to check the physical property which does not exist yet.

How is the integration of VR going to support Automobile industry? 

Also, the autonomous driving is on the edge of becoming commercialized. Carmakers are struggling to develop a self-driving car that is smart enough to come on the road. Google’s Waymo a self-driving car drove and controlled at an average of 5,000 miles on its own before an intervention. Department of Motor Vehicles is allowing a space for the cars to fall under the much more interactive environment. VR will be producing a lot of impact on the business model and company’s sale process.

VR’s not just for gaming – other industries that use VR 

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture
  • Gambling
  • Learning and Development
  • Recruitment
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Art and Design
  • Event
  • Well-Being
  • Social
  • Charity
  • Marketing
  • Recreation
  • News/Journalism

VR is going to shape our future in so many more ways than gaming. Let us discuss in details some of the aforementioned examples here:

1)    Real estate agents will get the advantage of giving a realistic impression of how the property looks like.

2)    If Virtual reality works for cars, it works for boats, light planes, recreational vehicles, and any other vehicle you can think of.

3)    Virtual reality can you give you an experience of a hotel room before booking it.

4)    Travel agencies can you give a deep dip of a location before you select to go there. They can also arrange you a cheap digital tour guide for you.

5)    You will be getting the real perspective of a seat in the stadium which you can book at any kind of event. The same approach can be used for airlines.

6)    You can finalize your outfit for a party by virtually attending a fancy party getting a complete idea of your new look.

7)    You can also decide for a kind of carpet you want to purchase and its match with your furniture in keeping the perspective of room. You will get drastic changes to your interior.

There is a lot of potential in all these and lot of industries, but now, let us go back to automotive.

Probably the biggest milestone in the automotive industry is the self-driving car. Over the past years, progress is being made more steadily and several trials have been launched. Safety is a major concern. R&D is the extremely complex process.

Audi is using the technology for their cars with Audi VR experience. They are going to start offering pre-recorded virtual test rides to give you the true experience of the car driving. Toyota C-HR virtual reality is an experience of marketing that does not exist or is available in a limited way. Toyota engaged their target market and was able to showcase the new model in an effective manner, digital campaign that was not dependant on physically model. The highly detailed car appears to be in a virtual reality having a partnership with HTC.

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By: Pritam Singh

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