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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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How we have destroyed the Mother Nature

Is our mother nature sick of us? How much more it can take all this from humans? Every other day we hear some news about some disaster in one or the other corner of the world. Have you ever given a second to think about it that who is responsible for all this? Just give yourself few seconds and you will get the answer. Yes, it is no other than we humans who are responsible for everyday disasters. Let us take a look at few points that how we have and are destroying Mother Nature:

Destruction of trees

Normally we call it deforestation. Cutting of trees and forests in the name of urbanization and expansion is actually the destruction of our mother nature. It is not only spoiling the human respiration cycle but also making it difficult for animals to live. Many animals die due to starvation, hunting, and many such problems.


Use of technology is increasing day by day. Undoubtedly, it has made our lives much easier but simultaneously it is having fatal effects on our lives as well as on Mother Nature. The harmful radiations emitted are deadly; it can be experienced in a closed room with a Wi-Fi connection. You will experience a headache or some other problems like stomach acidity. You can well perceive how harmful it is.


Go anywhere, you will find pollution undoubtedly. Pollution is the root cause of destruction. Today people have more taste for affluence, luxurious life and these luxuries emit the highest amount of pollution, be it air conditioner, luxury cars, bikes etc. Not only this but we can also see industries causing a higher amount of water pollution, air pollution.

Rising population

The population is increasing day by day and which in turn is increasing the demand for resources. More crops are grown which results in more use of sprays, pesticides and causes harm to Mother Nature. It not only harms us but also disturbs animals and imbalances the ecological cycle.

On the whole, friends let us all accept the truth and take a pledge to do something to protect our mother nature. Let us first understand who we are? Why are we here? When these questions are answered, we will never harm our mother nature. Earth is our mother and we should take care of it as we take care of our own mother. Wake up friends; we have a lot of work to do to protect our mother nature.




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