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Huge stash of cash, jewellery seized in raids of Haryana MLA’s firms

The firms allegedly owned by Jind Jasbir Deswal, an independent MLA from Haryana revealed stash of cash of Rs. 8 Crores and jewels of Rs.2 Crores. He has been issued with notice from the IT dept asking him to appear before it in what could probably be the case of tax evasion.

On receiving the tip of  unaccounted cash sales and purchases along with booking of bogus expenses  and using the shell companies, unaccounted income were recorded in the books, the department raided the firms.

The firm is also involved in poultry business and has accepted scraped currency notes during the demonetisation violating the rules. The MLA is yet to respond to the summons whereas his son is cooperating with the officials, whereas statements from some of the directors of the company, chartered accountant and an employee has been recorded, an IT officer said.

The MLA would be booked for tax evasion and generating black money. This is yet another incident after Narendra Modi led government has started conducting raids across the country in order to bring out the unaccounted money. 


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