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Huge treasure found in China with more than 10,000 gold and silver items

In a groundbreaking discovery, Chinese archeologists said that they have found a 300-year old treasure, which is being considered one of the largest such treasures found in history. The treasure contains more than 10,000 gold and silver items. It also has bronze coins and jewelry as well as a large collection of weapons made from iron such as spears, swords and knifes. The treasure was found at the bottom of the intersection of Minjiang River and its branch Jinjiang River. The site of the treasure is around 50 km south of Chengdu, which is the capital of Sichuan Province.

According to experts, the treasure belongs to the peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong. In 1646, Zhang Xianzhong was trying to transfer his treasure to the south, but he was confronted and defeated by the army of the Ming Dynasty. Historians say that nearly 1,000 boats were loaded with money and valuables, all of which sank at the bottom of the river during the fight between Zhang Xianzhong and Ming Dynasty. Speaking on the development, an archaeologist from Peking University Li Boqian said, “The items are extremely valuable to science, history and art. They are of great significance for research into the political, economic, military and social lives of the Ming Dynasty.”

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