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Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Human – An Ally of Mind

Can you name achievements of our mind? Undoubtedly achievements of mind today are uncountable and an unending process.

Now can you name a single best achievement of our mind? Continue to figure out an answer to this.

Imagine you are left all alone on a lonely island without friends and resources, wandering here and there in search of some help. Fortunately, you come across another unlucky castaway sitting under the shade of a tree, cooking for himself but wait, you cannot approach him. Why? Because your mind out of fear for humans doesn’t allow you to do so. How would you feel? Of course you will be greatly disturbed and feel helpless about the situation.

But yes in our real lives this is not the case with us just because our minds have identified we humans as their allies. This is one of the greatest achievements of mind.

In this world where our mind is capable of fearing or hating nearly all kind of creatures on this earth, it (mind) has been successful in treating humans as their allies and certainly not fearing them. Invariably this mind-human relationship can be termed as king of all the coincidences.

Earth without such a coincidence would remain just as all other planets are that is uninhabitable.

The concepts of love, hatred, parenting, education, etc. would not have been there. No discoveries. No debates. In short, life would lose its meaning and men would experience hell under the Sun. Hence I believe humans should hail mind on its victory of accepting us and allowing us to relish the idea of living on this beautiful Earth.

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