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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Hurdles in the way of e-tailing

While online retailing (e-tailing) has gained popularity in the last couple of years, the industry is not free from some of the glitches it faces in day to
day operations.  Categories like electronics, fashion, travel etc have gained considerable buyer attention and e-tailing companies are grossing billions of
dollars sales every month. Discounting is one of the major factors which converts traffic into sales. Coupon sites like couponsomething do an excellent job
in consolidating the coupons and offers and help users save extra penny. While the business is growing by leaps and bounds, the industry is facing several
Online retailers are many times not able to anticipate demand, specially during the sale period. Many buyers go disappointed to see that their favorite
products or the products they wanted to buy are already sold out or are not available in stock, Or the site is unable to manage the traffic and buyers are
greeted by bugs on the website.
One of the important factors to keep the buyer pleased is to deliver the products on time and faster. Ecom industry is facing the delivery issues to a large
extent. Some goods are not delivered with in the committed time from the day of receipt of the order. This can be really disappointing for the buyer and can
adversely affect the website performance.
Many online retailing sites specially market places are facing problems related to fake and sub-standard products. It is difficult for the marketplace
website to keep a watch on all the sellers and control sales of fake goods sold online. Such sellers who sell fake goods should be blacklisted and should
not be allowed to sell on any of the marketplaces. Some of the most popular e-tailing sites are facing this problem.
We hope to see new development with advanced technology to eliminate some of these recurring problems which the industry is facing.

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