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Hurricane IRMA devastates Cuba


Hurricane Irma after destroying many Caribbean Islands has lashed Cuba and the Bahamas and is headed towards Florida on Saturday. The storm has already claimed 21 lives and few are reportedly missing and the death toll may set to rise.  It isn’t a good news for the economy since the damage the hurricane has caused is expected to be between USD125-250 Billion. 
It has hit the homes of the billionaires like Richard Branson, David Copperfield, Mick Jagger, Roman Abramovich and even the President of US – Donald Trump who all owns an island in the Caribbean. There are two more storms which are formed namely Jose and Katia which is expected to bring more woes to them.
In Florida, the worst is expected triggering the local administration to ask its 5.6 million occupants to evacuate at the earliest. This is more than 25% of its total population.
“This is a storm that will kill you if you don’t get out of the way,” said National Hurricane Center meteorologist and spokesman Dennis Feltgen who also said that the storm has a really wide eye, with hurricane-force winds that cover the entire Florida peninsula and potentially deadly storm surges on both coasts.
Tom Bossert, US homeland security adviser said “Please listen to your local authorities. You need to evacuate from south to north — that is a staggered and carefully thought-out process. There will come a point where you are on your own.”
Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, said they were working to ensure that fuel was available for cars to get to shelters. IRMA is expected to hit Florida in full force before it loses its power gradually and is expected to cause few billions of dollars of loss by way of destruction.

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