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Hyderabad government doctors chant Mrityunjaya mantra to bring down deaths in hospital

In a bizarre incident, doctors of Telangana’s biggest government-run Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad chanted Mrityunjaya Homam to bring down the number of deaths in the hospital.

As per reports, the deaths of newborns in the gynaecology ward have been on a rise.

Following which, ‘worried’ doctors were advised to conduct special prayers to please the gods.

On Tuesday, senior gynaecologists at the hospital participated in the Mrityunjaya Homam which continued for hours.

Several patients complained of the unavailability of doctors.

Reports said that the pooja was conducted by doctors of the obstetrics department and had the nod of the seniors including the hospital superintendent.

A probe has been ordered in this connection.

The hospital on an average witnesses 2,500 patients per day.

The gynaecology division too has a large footfall with pregnant ladies particularly from economically backward class come to this hospital for delivery and other treatments.

In recent past, the hospital attracted criticism after higher number of newborn deaths reported at the hospital.

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