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I-T Dept raids Bengaluru Resort where Gujarat Congress MLA’s are holed up

The income tax department conducted raids Wednesday morning on the Eagleton Golf Resort where the Gujarat Congress MLAs are holed up. 

A raid was also conducted on Karnataka energy minister D Shivakumar’s home. Mr Shivakumar is the energy minister in the Siddaramaiah government.

The raid comes at the time when Congress is trying to save their MLA’s votes in the upcoming election to ensure that they do not cross over and vote. On the other hand, it is to be noted that the Election Commission has announced that there will be a NOTA Option that would be introduced for which Congress has reacted saying that there will be a strict action taken against those MLA’s who exercised that option.

Shivakumar  was in charge of the 42 Congress lawmakers who were rushed to Bengaluru amid defections in Gujarat ahead of the Rajya Sabha election. The lawmakers have been staying at the Eagleton Golf Resort. Congress led Siddaramaiah Government is ruling Karnataka who were always criticising about the BJP led Central Government. 

It is still not known at this moment whether this has resulted in any arrests or confiscation of any important documents including cash and other documents pertaining to the whole story. More on this will be shared when the official announcement is made by the I-T department.

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