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Saturday , 19 January 2019
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Iam not a woman, so I don’t have bad days – Vladimir putin

Oscar winning director Oliver stone is set to release his four-part documentary “The putin interviews” this week, which is based on Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The documentary set in Putin’s everyday environment and also explains his background and where he comes from.

” I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days,” Putin tells Stone in the trailer. “I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.”

When asked if the US would dominate in a war Putin says ” I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict ”

“Once a country becomes a NATO member, it is hard to resist the pressures of the US” said Putin

On Snowden, Putin says, “Snowden is not a traitor. He didn’t betray the interests of his country. Nor did he transfer information to any other country. The only thing Snowden does, he does publicly.”



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