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ICC Cricket Cup in 4K: The first ever global broadcast of criketin 4K technology

Delhi, February 24, 2015: Revolution in technology in 21st century has changed the aspect of many utilities, articles, goods etc. But revolution in electronic gadgets world is unbelievable and beyond the experience & expectation of viewers.

Television viewing has transformed from leaps and bounds, from grained picture quality to standard definition , to high definition and now ultra high definition or can say 4k technolgy.

On Febuary 22 – 2015 a special screenning of India vs South Africa was arranged at Delhi in “GAPPI BY AI” , a restaurant and bar.

The picture quality was awesome and beyond the words description. 4k technology beams content at a resolution of 3840 X 2160, which is 4 times the full HD. Each and every details of field from a single grass blade to print on t-shirts of peoples who were enjoying match at the stadium, to hairline of players was visible, clearly.

It’s was looking like visual extravanaza that brought to home sitting viewers by Star sports (Official broadcaster of ICC criket world cup 2015 and Tata Sky’s 4k setup box together.

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