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ICJ to hear on India’s plea today

The International Court of Justice at the Hague in Holland will be hearing the case of the execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav today at the Great Hall of Justice in the Peace Palace.  Both the countries – India and Pakistan were asked to present their case before them.

India moved ICJ on May 8 alleging violation to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by Pakistan after some 16 requests for consular access to the former naval officer was rejected. 

The last case between India and Pakistan in ICJ happened some 18 years ago when Pakistan alleged India has shot down its aircraft and wanted a huge compensation which was brushed aside by the ICJ.

When a ruling is given by ICJ which is a part of United Nations Organisation,there is no appeal. However it is yet to be ascertained whether Pakistan will agree to its judgement or act notoriously by refusing to execute the order as was the case in most of the incidents elsewhere.

India is hoping to win the case against the neighbouring nation since India has consistently denied that Jadhav was not sent to the country as a spy but was picked up instead by the Pakistan Army near the border of Afghanistan. 

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