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If Fake Caste Certificate Got You The Job, Face Punishment: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Thursday said anyone found guilty of using a forged caste certificate for getting education and employment will lose their degree and their job.

“They will also be punished ” said the court .

In the case of employment, the court said it doesn’t matter how long a person has held their job.

“Even if a person has been in job for 20 years on the basis of a fake caste (document), he will lose the job and also get punished,” the court said.

There can be no consideration of long years of service if anyone has used a fake caste certificate for getting admission or a job.

Last month centre said employees who got jobs using fake caste certificates will be dismissed.

The Centre also asked all central government departments to collect details about such appointments from the various organisations under them.

In march as many as 1,832 appointments were allegedly secured on the basis of fake caste certificates. 

Of these 276 resulted in suspension or removal, 521 were entangled in litigations, and disciplinary proceedings were pending in the remaining 1,035 cases.

A total of 1,296 cases of jobs secured allegedly through fake caste certificates were under the department of financial services.

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