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IGI Airport to have Air Train soon

Now IGI airport will soon have its own air train, a devoted Metro. This Air Train will be for passengers to travel from one terminal to another terminal. There are many foremost airports of the world are using Air Train, which include airport like New York’s JFK, London Heathrow and Delhi will be very first Indian airport to have the same.


Delhi International Airport Pvt Ltd has projected an automatic people mover between terminal 1 T2 and T3. Currently, passengers are transit between terminals by using busses. Delhi International Airport Pvt will be asking Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to have a technical study on the routing and also give a suggestive cost of the air train project.

Data collection on the projected capacity of inter-terminal transfers in impending years to decide the number of coaches and frequency rate is going on. It is estimated that the train may be required to start with two coaches and sendoff at between two to three minutes. As the traffic will go up, capacity and frequency rate will be increased accordingly.

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