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In a mass wedding ceremony teachers serve food to people

In Madhya Pradesh Government school teachers more than 400 teachers were forced to assist in serving the food at the ceremony.

The incident happened in the Singrauli district, government teachers were asked to serve food to people in a mass marriage ritual occasion. Education Minister of the state has asked report on the incident from District Education Officer.

To the astonishment, the source revealed that teachers were given notification advising on the kind of foods they have to serve in the ceremony.

On 20th May District Education Officers sent the notification to the teachers and citing the food type they will be serving to the people. In the mass wedding ceremony, about 2400 people were the attendee to whom the teachers were required to serve the food.

The teachers have shown their grievance and grief. A teacher from Mahuari Tola Government School said that it is against the self-respect and we worked as waiters in the ceremony.

Another teacher said that we had to follow the instructions as we got written notification from the District Education Officer. An officer told that he was not available in the town when the incident took place and it is against the self-respect of the teachers and the action will be taken after the summer vacations are ended in the schools.

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