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In Ajmer, four Sikh men were beaten horribly, investigation to start by state police

In Rajasthan, 4 Sikh men were dragged out from SUV car by a crowd and they were beaten cruelly by the people. The video of the incident went viral and Rajasthan State Minorities Commission has asked a report from the Ajmer police citing the matter and the action taken by the police.

Jasbir Singh, Chairman of minorities commission said that who posted this video online will also see the punishment as the video is protected as an attack on the community.

He said that action will be taken against those culprits and one who made and posted the video online as this is building rigidity among continuities.

Ajmer district police Chief told that police will examine the video.

As per the police, four men stopped the car at Rajgarh village to get a donation for gurudwara’s langar but a woman in village considered them as they came for hypnotizing and she was hypnotized.

After beating up, later the mob carried the four men to police and asked to register a case against them. In return, other Gurudwara helper arrived at the police and asked to put the cross case against those people.

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