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Monday , 24 June 2019
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In India, Karnataka is the most unethical state- Survey

Today The Centre for Media Studies released its study on corrupted state in India. According to the think- tank Karnataka is most unethical state and people in the state handled corruption in retrieving public services. The survey was taken in 20 states of the country.

According to the studies, some 77 percent of participants in Karnataka told that they handled corruption in accessing public services in the state while Andhra Pradesh stood at 74 percent. In sequence, Tamil Nadu with 68 percent, Maharashtra at 57 percent, Jammu and Kashmir at 44 per cent and Punjab with 42 percent are on top.

CMS, Chairman, N Bhaskara Rao, said that they have been generating reports on corruption for past many years and we wished that NITI Aayog to take the reference of this report and being the core policymakers, they must see it for actions.

As per CMS, in January they conducted a telephonic survey as well in view of getting people’s reaction over demonetization and 67 percent participants said that level of corruption decreased during last year November and December. In the survey, 12 percent said it has increased during the said period while 21 percent felt that there is no change in corruption rate.


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