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In India world’s hoariest plant like fossil found

Swedish experts exposed 1.6 billion-year-old fossil that show multi-cellular life established much prior than earlier assumed.

While examining fossilized, covered mats of cyanobacteria collected in an olden rock boulder in central India. The scientist Sallstedt, could know about the age of plant.


The time of studying the mat biota, anticipated to discover more variants of bacteria said Sallstedt, the Swedish scientist and she didn’t though of getting fresh-looking fossilized algae.

Phosphate is something of an almost magical substance when it comes to preserving fine-scale details, like intercellular features in fossils Sallstedt said. Sedimentary phosphate deposits such as this can therefore open up a window of sorts into other time periods since the preservation is so good.

The eldest known red algae were 1.2 billion years old and the Indian fossils which are discovered are 400 million years older by the 1.2 billion years old fossils discovered before. Therefore the discovered fossils are 1.6 billion years old which is the oldest on earth.

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